Chapter 1

Bradley had never met anyone like Nikki before. She was different to most girls that he had been out with before; she was fun, sexy and was fun to be around. Bradley had first met her at a party and was drawn to her quickly. They were both eighteen years old and they were both going through the party phase of their lives where they will be going out at the weekends and trying to have the time of their lives. Bradley lived in a coastal town in the south of England and was studying IT at the local college and worked part time in a cafe at the weekends while Nikki was also at the college but until the party, they had never spoke before.

Bradley was nineteen years old and lived at home with his parents and younger sister in a coastal town in the south of England. He had never been too satisfied with his life since he left school but was at college which he enjoyed going to but was often distracted by everything that was going on around him.

Apart from having a few friends, he sometimes felt like could never really fit in anywhere and sometimes found social situations difficult but he was a likeable person and he just needed to find a trust worthy group of people to hang out with. It was Mick’s party that Bradley had been invited to and Mick knew one of Nikki’s friends called Tina and had planned a gathering at his flat. A few of Bradley’s other friends will be going as well including Simon and John while it seemed that some of Nikki’s friends would also turn up as well.

Nikki was different to Bradley in some ways, she came across as being more confident but inside she too sometimes felt that it was hard to fit in. She had quite often drifted from one group of friends to another and was attracted to being part of the bad crowed, the type of people who could be a bad influence on her. ‘I hope that this is a good party,’ said Bradley to Mick down the phone while Mike was making arrangements for his gathering.

‘Who are these birds that you have invited?’ Bradley said wondering who else Mick had invited. ‘Some girl from my work and some of her mates’ replied Mick casually down the phone hoping that maybe, for once, his party might actually be interesting. ‘Any of them single?’ Bradley joked as being single himself; he was on the lookout for a new girlfriend.

‘I think they all are, why don’t you ask them?’ laughed Mick ‘and tell John to not eat my food,’
The parties were an occasional sense of excitement for Bradley’s group and either something hilarious would happen or they could be completely boring but having girls at a party would be a bonus as usually it was just guys at the parties.

Bradley had only had a few girlfriends before but they were nothing special, meeting Nikki though might have at first seemed like a good thing but as Bradley would find out, Nikki was more chaotic than he would have previously thought.

When Bradley arrived at the party with his other friends, Simon and John, Nikki and her friend Tina had already arrived. Both Bradley and Nikki both had brown hair while Tina had blond hair and both girls had acknowledged the guys when they came into the living room and everyone introduced themselves.

At first the conversation between the groups was awkward and was little more than small talk but after a few drinks everyone seemed to get on with each other really well. Bradley and Nikki had gradually felt an attraction towards each other and Nikki occasionally talked about her ex boyfriend Josh and how he had let her down.

‘I think you can do better than him,’ said Bradley to Nikki while they were outside the flat smoking a cigarette later that evening.

‘Thanks, I wouldn’t go back to him even if he begged me,’ joked Nikki.

‘I think you are good looking though,’ complimented Bradley.

‘Thanks,’ replied Nikki ‘you are not bad as well,’

‘Maybe we could meet up if you want?’ suggested Bradley.

‘Yeah, I am up for that,’ smiled Nikki. As both of them had been drinking, the conversation went more easily than it usually would have done had they been sober but they had both made it clear to each other that they liked each other.

For the rest of the evening everyone seemed to have a good time drinking together and Mick himself was impressed that for once he had actually managed to throw a decent party without anyone getting bored.

Eventually everyone went home from the party and Bradley and Nikki had exchanged mobile phone numbers and agreed to text each other when they got home. Nikki shared a taxi home with Tina while Bradley shared a taxi with Simon and John and they talked about the girls during the ride home.

‘So thinks seemed to be going well with you and Nikki,’ Simon said to Bradley just after the taxi dropped John off outside his house.

‘She seems quite nice actually,’ Bradley admitted feeling surprised himself how he had managed to get along with a good looking girl. He wasn’t shallow or anything but as he had never had much luck with girls before, he quite appreciated the fact that an attractive girl like Nikki wanted to see him.

‘Well, good luck,’ said Simon just as the taxi reached Bradley’s house.

‘Thanks,’ Bradley replied as he got his money out to pay the taxi driver.

Once inside his house, and feeling slightly drunk from the party, he got into his bed and then received a text message from Nikki.

‘It was nice meeting you babe’ read the text.

‘Thanks’ replied Bradley ‘maybe meet up next week?’

‘Sure!’ replied Nikki.